849.60 Eur+VAT

DataLogic PowerScan PM8300/Display

The DataLogic PowerScan 8300 Series Handheld Scanners are serious tools for industry and warehouses. DataLogic’s long experience is a guarantee of the reliability and durability of these scanners in harsh environmental conditions. The device can withstand falls from a height of up to 2m and also works with -30C cold (wireless model -20C).

DataLogic’s patented “Puzzle Solver” software allows you to successfully read partially incorrectly printed barcodes. The M8300 / D wireless model allows you to create flexible data systems. Up to 32 scanners can operate in one base station area at a time, and up to 2,000 scanners can operate in the same operating area. Base stations (BC-8060) are in turn connected to the network and scanners can move between station areas (roaming). The working distance of the scanner from the base station can be up to 50m.

The LCD screen allows the user to provide instant feedback on operations. We have used these terminals in industrial companies with an aggressive environment and also, for example, in ticket control for a large event.

Main technical features:
• Laser scanner, 35 scans / second
• Graphic backlit display, 32×96 dots, default symbols 4 rows x 16 columns
• Powerful 2150 mAh battery
• Base station interfaces USB, RS232, keyboard, wand, RS485
• Standard reading distance up to 1m, AutoRange model up to 10m
• Operating temperature -20C to + 50C
• Weight 395g
• IP64 and 2m fall resistance
• Light and / or beep to confirm successful reading
• Optional table holders, protective bag, hands-free holder, truck / car mount

At least 1 base station / charger is also required for the wireless solution (Datalogic PowerScanBase / Charger-8060)