416.70 Eur+VAT

DataLogic PowerScan PD8330

The DataLogic PowerScan 8300 Series Handheld Scanners are serious tools for industry and warehouses. DataLogic’s long experience is a guarantee of the reliability and durability of these scanners in harsh environmental conditions. The device can withstand falls from a height of up to 2m and also works with -30C cold.

All 8300 series scanners allow USB, RS232 or keyboard connection. DataLogic’s patented “Puzzle Solver” software allows you to successfully read partially incorrectly printed barcodes.

Main technical features:
• Laser scanner, 35 scans / second
• Interfaces USB, RS232, keyboard, wand, ttl laser out
• Standard reading distance up to 1m, AutoRange model up to 10m
• Operating temperature -30C to + 50C
• Weight 295g
• IP65 and 2m fall resistance
• Light and / or beep to confirm successful reading
• Optional table holders, protective bag, “hands free” holder