395.93 Eur+VAT

DataLogic Magellan 1400i

The DataLogic Magellan 1400i is a new generation powerful and compact stationary scanner. The reading is based on imager technology, so there are no moving parts inside the scanner.

Suitable for shops and also, for example, for storing goods in a warehouse – leaving the user with both hands free and taking up little space on the table.

Imager reader allows to register an image in addition to 1D and 2D codes, if necessary (752×480, JPG)

The main technical features of the model:
• Raster 104 scan lines and 1170 scans / second ensure excellent first reading results
• Can also be picked up, for example, to read a code from large goods
• Reading distance up to 23 cm
• Weight 345g
• Operating temperature 0C to + 40C
• IP52 and 1.2 m fall resistance
• Interfaces RS232, USB, keyboard